About SteelHub

Steelhub.net is a central point online for sourcing and selling steel. Like most marketplaces on the internet, it gives buyers and sellers an amazing opportunity to get together and come up with deals that benefit both parties in terms of cost.

The inspiration behind Steelhub comes from visiting South Korea and China at a time when we were looking for one of our clients in the Middle East. After visiting countless Mills and manufacturers we found a small producer that was relatively unknown but extraordinarily good (a hidden champion) and managed to source an incredible 3,000 metric tons of steel for them. We have learned from experience that finding suppliers of the highest quality products, suppliers we can depend on is not easy, especially when you need a specific quantity of a specific quality material delivered on time and at the right price.
We started Steelhub.net to provide a marketplace that has carefully selected steel manufacturers, chosen because they can meet our needs on quality, quantity, timing and price. We are sourcing flat steel products, long steel products, as well as steel plates and specialty steel for the gas and oil industry from top producers all over the world. We are able to give steel manufacturers in places like Taiwan, China, South Korea, Turkey (the 8th largest steel producer in the world and famous for long steel), Russia, and Ukraine that produce over 3.5 million metric tons of steel per year a chance to sell to the entire world.
We have manufacturers covering the entire steel range, including:

  • Semi-Finished: Slabs, Billets, Blooms
    Flat Steel Products: Hot Rolled Coil (HRC), Cold Rolled Coil (CRC), Hot Dipped Galvanized Coil/Sheet, Hot Rolled Plate, Cold Rolled Sheet, Tin Plate, Coated Sheet, Coated Steel Coil, PPGI, and more.
  • Long Steel Products: Reinforcing Bar, Merchant Bar, Structural Sections, Wire Rod, Engineering Steels, Forgings, Tubes & Pipes, Seamless Tubes, Welded Tubes.
  • Tubes & Pipes: Seamless Tubes, Welded Tubes
  • Stainless: Stainless Steel

We know that this system works – we’ve seen the proof and we know that it has the potential to create a booming marketplace where selected suppliers can submit quotes for specific jobs and the most reliable and dependable will get the job. We know that demand is more than enough to keep the suppliers busy and we know that, by continuing to provide a dependable service. The only way to go is up with an ever-expanding window of demand and growth.
We are offering you an opportunity that won’t last for much longer. We have just 12 places left in the marketplace and, if you want one of them, you need to act now if you want to partner with us. We already have more than 20 buyers registered with us who have purchased a total of more than 75,000 metric tons of steel over the last year and that is only going to continue growing for the foreseeable future. With access to 12 steel mills in every category of steel, you’ll never run out of quality orders.

If you are ready to join us, take a bit of time to fill in the form below and we’ll get on with the job of assessing whether you have the necessary qualifications to come on board.

The opportunities are there. Are you?