What Makes Us Different

Our marketplace is specific to steel. That is all we deal with and that puts us in the top spot as a leader in the steel industry.
We are proud of the system we have set up; we limit our supplies to just a few manufacturers, the most competent and reliable there are. This is vital because we get to strike the right balance between meeting demand, which is growing fast, and being able to provide high quality partners who provide a dependable and reliable supply service.

This means that for you, if you join us as a supplier:

  • You will have access to an unlimited supply of buyers who will keep your business growing throughout the year.
  • Your business will be able to boast of global reach at a price that is right. Being able to target your market on Steelhub means that you will no longer need to spend millions on advertising costs.
  • We have more than 20 buyers registered with us and a yearly availability of more than 75,000 metric tons of steel. This means a regular stream of enquiries that will always convert to solid orders.

So how much does it cost you to join our list of suppliers? Nothing. That’s right, nothing. We don’t charge any fees upfront; all we want from you is the opportunity to check that your qualifications meet our client’s demands. We have many suppliers eager to join us but we can only select the most dependable, those who can supply the quality required at the right time and the right price. All we charge is a tiny commission on each successful order – just 1% * – and you don’t pay that until the deal is closed. Think of the savings to your business that will create for you.

As a buyer, SteelHub offers you:

  • A way to go direct to the supplier and get the best prices; no more middle man to deal with.
  • Access to 12 highly qualified suppliers, giving you access to an unprecedented range of choice. Our rigorous screening process will guarantee that only outstanding manufacturers with exemplary products and technologies will make the grade.
  • Real-time responses when you place an order. This gives you more accurate pricing information, solid delivery dates, and no more waiting around for the middle man to sort out the information that you need to move ahead.
  • Total transparency. There is nothing hidden here. You make direct payments to and open your Letter of Credit with your selected supplier, not with us.
    Absolutely free – no fees now or ever. We work out a deal with the suppliers we partner with, which means you get access to this great opportunity without cost.

We know that our system is the best there is and we know that we can help you strike deals that are highly efficient and competitively priced.
Never lose an order. Track the progress of every order and receive real time alerts on package location and delivery as it makes its way to you in a container via ship or vessel.

This is a unique system and it’s there for you – join us today and make it real. If you’re keen to discover new manufacturers to fulfill your company’s needs, SteelHub has the solution. For companies, the reward will be precision matching with award winning, recognized manufacturers who have made accomplishments in and contributions to their industries. Discover hidden champions (relatively small, but highly successful companies). Post your needs and get proposals from the best manufacturers in the most efficient way possible.